Tuesday, 22 September 2015

I agree with Steve Job’s graduation speech more than I do with Tim Minkin’s. Steve focused his speech on his accomplishments, struggles, hard work and dedication.  It was very inspiring to hear everything he had done before the age of 30 when he was unfortunately fired from his own company. Whereas Tim’s speech was more entertaining and humourous. Steve talked about his parents and his expectations that he would go to university and he made sure he did. His determination reminds me of myself and how hard I want to work towards my future. If I was listening to this at my graduation i think it would definitely help me get motivated towards building a successful career.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Careers Blog Post #2

I would say my friends and family have definitely shaped my life is some type of way over the years that I have known them. When I first met Callie (grade 1) and Katelyn (grade 3) they were both super smart and were always the teachers favourites. At that time in my life, school wasn’t my biggest concern. I hung out with them a lot more and often in class I would be partners with them while doing class work. They would help me out and keep me focused therefore my work ethics began to improve and I kept trying harder. Every since then I have taken school more seriously and I am doing much better and caring much more then I was before I met them.
When I met Georgia she was super outgoing and I wasn’t so much. She loved being with big groups of people and staying out late just having a good time. Once her and I became close I started to tag along with her and her older brother. I began to be less concerned and stressed about things and just loosen up. Now I love going out and just having a good time with no worries in the world. If I could choose to do anything on a night where I am free it would definitely be to go out with a bunch of people. If I hadn’t of met her I wouldn’t be as social and I think that would change how others viewed me and what type of future I am interested in.

I have known Abigal since I was born. Our families went to high school and then owned a business together. She is a year older than me and I have spent so much time with her. As I grew up I often acted older than my age because my childhood best friend was older then me. I wanted to be just like her and we honestly are like the same type of person now. We both love sports, the same restaurants, stores, and people think we are sisters. If I hadn’t of met her I don’t think I would be as mature as I was at a young age and wouldn't of grown up the same. 
Lastly, if I didn’t have my younger sister Chantelle I don’t think I would be so caring. She has always looked up to me every since we were little and we always did everything together. I am a much more trusting person because of her and how open she is. Although I often got annoyed that she always copied me I didn’t realize I should take it as a compliment because she wanted to be just like me. She definitely pushed my buttons but now I am more patient and understanding with my friends and family. 
I think that without these people in my life that I wouldn’t be the person I am today and I am glad that they have shaped me to be the person I am now.

Friday, 11 September 2015

The quiz told me that I was interpersonal. I do agree with that because I am very social and I enjoy working in groups and helping other people out. In group situations, whether it’s with friends or school or my family I can become the leader without hesitation. This knowledge can help me in my education and future and help me know what type of careers would best suit me. Personally before taking this test I was interested in becoming a Physiotherapist. I was interested in this career path because I knew I would be working with lots of different people all ages and helping them on their path to recovery and well-being. After taking this test I am still interested and believe it is a good choice for me and my personality. I don’t think I would enjoy working in an office where I just sit at a desk all day and don’t socialize with anyone. Now knowing that I have a interpersonal personality I can feel more confident when planning towards my future and job.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

What do I like or dislike about school and what should we do so that school is better for our kids

What I hate...

I hate the strict constant schedule that is basically the same everyday. We go to the same classes everyday in the same order with the same teacher and classmates. Another thing I hate is textbooks. They are heavy and bulky and not fun to carry around. If the wifi actually worked properly then we could use technology instead of textbooks. I also hate being assigned seats and assigned partners to do projects with. I want to be able to choose someone I know will pull their own weight and work hard. If I choose a bad partner then that's my fault and i'm the only one to blame not the teacher. I also hate having half lockers. In middle school we got full lockers and then we come to high school and get downgraded. lastly I think school should start later because in the morning I can't think and function as well as I can later in the day. It would make sense to have sports in the morning and then have school start after.

What I like...

I like having a good group of friends at school that I can trust and have a good time with. I also like having semesters so we only have to focus on four subjects at a time.  I enjoy the classes that our school provides and the variety too. I like having spirit days where the whole school gets together and does some kind of activity or sports thing because it introduces you to new people who aren't in your classes.  I also like how lunch is at the same time for everyone so you can socialize with everyone and not just people in your grade.

I think to make the school better for my children that technology should be used as much as possible. its good to get them comfortable with technology at an early age because they are going to be using it for the rest of their life. I would also like to see there be more spirit days and for their to be more of a variety and change within the days of the week so they don't get stuck in a boring routine day after day.