Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Historical identity history blog #4

Women and pay equity:
This issue was significant to the women all around the world who were not viewed equally compared to men. They were not paid the same and weren't viewed as important. For men this issue wasn't really relevant because they weren't experiencing the poor equality. But for woman, at the time we were not paid the same as men or treated fairly although we did the same work. Even today it is not 100% fair or equal for women. This issue sheds light on the long lasting issue of equality throughout Canada. Whether it is gender, religious, or racial differences there is still problems with everyone being viewed and treated the same. As years have gone on this issue has definitely become less of a problem but hasn't disappeared entirely. Unfortunately I do not think that in the near future this problem will completely disappear. I think it will continue to decrease and by 10 years and 25 years it will become less noticed and less of a problem. I do not think this problem can ever go away 100% because everyone still has their own opinions and no one can be forced to view someone or something in a certain way. Personally I do not think that just because of gender, men have any advantage in life compared to women.

Aboriginals schools and Canada's apology:
 The Aboriginal schools issue was most significant to the aboriginal children and their families but didn’t overly impact anyone else at the time. Only the aboriginal children were put into these boarding schools and once in they were rarely allowed to see their parents, they were severely abused, and forced to adopt christian beliefs and speak English, not their native language. This issue sheds light on the problem of equality and the conflict between Aboriginals and Canadians. The Aboriginals weren't treated the same as the Canadians because they had their own beliefs and spoke a different language. We tried to force them to become. After the apology and money given to the aboriginals in 2008 I do not think this will continue to be a problem with the schools. However I do believe that you can never undo what the children and their families had to go through and that will always be something that they will remember. In 10 years I think this issue will still be remembered and therefore everyone will be a bit more aware of others beliefs and cultures and treating them equally and fairly. Because of Canada’s apology it has showed that we do care about the aboriginals now and although we can undo what has happened we want to try and make it up to them.

Terry Fox run for cancer:
Terry Fox was a man historically significant to Canada, positively shaping Canada’s identity. He was significant to Canada as a whole and helped shape everyone. As he ran across Canada to help find a cure for cancer, he inspired many to reach out and help him and donate. He spread awareness for cancer patients and survivors, him being one of them. Even if you can’t relate to him because you don’t have cancer yourself I am sure you know of someone in your life who has suffered from it or will unfortunately suffer from it in the future.  Cancer is a long lasting issue everywhere and Terry Fox shed light on that issue and trying to find a cure. I believe this event will still be significant in 10 and even in 25 years because cancer will still be a problem for many years and people will still be affected by it negatively. As more people become aware of it and begin to help find a cure hopefully doctors and scientists can find solutions to help people and eventually find a cure.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Civics Blog post #3

I do agree with the results that I got from the tests. The first test told me that I was most like Gandhi. Gandhi was a leader who was very independent, peaceful and inspired for civil rights and freedom across the country. I think I am a lot like him because I really believe in freedom and being able to express your opinion and I don't believe in violence and I would prefer to keep peace between everyone. When I took the test telling me what party I agreed with most I wasn't actually surprised to see that NDP, Liberal, and Conservative were all about the same scoring in the 50%. The reason why I wasn't surprised is because I wasn't really strongly supporting one certain party, probably because I didn't know too much about them so they all scored pretty close to each other. Our group couldn't decide if we thought NDP or Conservative should win but we were both wrong when it came to who actually won, the Liberals. Since I was undecided it didn’t exactly match my results in the test but since they were pretty close I think it did represent my thoughts towards the different parties well.
History Blog Post: Fort Mcmoney

3 Things I Discovered. 

1.Right now gas is at $100 dollars a barrel

2. Way ahead on schedule on how much gas they want to produce by 2020. Goals met 14 years earlier

3. Oil sands producing half of Canada’s greenhouse gas

2 Things I Disagree or Agree With.

1.Water in lakes and trees are being used up because of the gas plants therefore hurting the environment

2.  if there is a decreasing toxicity it is very very slow

1 Question I still have.

1. how can we help reduce the toxic lakes

Friday, 9 October 2015

Vanishing Canada

After reading this article I was surprised that Canada was having such a big problem with disappearing data. The internet can be a great tool for storing information and everyday usage but it is definitely not perfect. Having these problems occur negatively affects us individual Canadians, our identity and our reputation.  It is scary to think that you could completely disappear from Canada's records. They would have no records of you ever being alive or existing. Now it is evening happening with Melville, now known as a statistical ghost town. Our identity and information can be taken away from us and changed without our acknowledgment. I think this issue will continue to impact us as technology grows and years go on. although our technology will improve there will still always be glitches and problems within the systems.

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

My lollipop moment: civics post #1

My lollipop moment was when I was doing competitive gymnastics a few years ago. I had been working really hard on getting a certain skill on bars and it took me about 6 months until I finally got it. When I did my coach cried she was so happy and then brought in ice cream for our group. She seemed almost as happy and proud as I was. I will always remember this because it made me feel so special and cared for and now that I am coaching gymnastics, I hope I can make relationships with the gymnasts like she did with me. She is truly inspiring and someone I had always looked up to. Unfortunately on Monday she told us she had to quit because she was going back to school. It was very hard for her and all of us and she impacted many people's lives greatly.

Monday, 5 October 2015

History Journal #1

I do not think we stereotype Americans as much as they stereotype us Canadians. A lot of the stereotypes that Americans think of us are really dumb, like we live in igloos. I think we are more educated about american life style and geography then they are about ours! I couldn't believe that they thought we had states. I do believe there is a true Canadian identity but it is a lot similar to the Americans. We don't do anything crazy or absurd that the Americans don’t do, but we do have better health care. Yes we can be known for our maple syrup and cold winters but we don’t live in Igloos or see Polar Bears every day.  I think that we tend to care more about America than they care about us because although we trade with each other and we have a close relationship with them they just look at us as another country. Honestly I found it offensive how little knowledge they knew about Canada. Being Canadian means that I can live freely without slavery and wars and I can speak my opinion and I am proud to be Canadian.