Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Civics Blog post #3

I do agree with the results that I got from the tests. The first test told me that I was most like Gandhi. Gandhi was a leader who was very independent, peaceful and inspired for civil rights and freedom across the country. I think I am a lot like him because I really believe in freedom and being able to express your opinion and I don't believe in violence and I would prefer to keep peace between everyone. When I took the test telling me what party I agreed with most I wasn't actually surprised to see that NDP, Liberal, and Conservative were all about the same scoring in the 50%. The reason why I wasn't surprised is because I wasn't really strongly supporting one certain party, probably because I didn't know too much about them so they all scored pretty close to each other. Our group couldn't decide if we thought NDP or Conservative should win but we were both wrong when it came to who actually won, the Liberals. Since I was undecided it didn’t exactly match my results in the test but since they were pretty close I think it did represent my thoughts towards the different parties well.

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