Monday, 5 October 2015

History Journal #1

I do not think we stereotype Americans as much as they stereotype us Canadians. A lot of the stereotypes that Americans think of us are really dumb, like we live in igloos. I think we are more educated about american life style and geography then they are about ours! I couldn't believe that they thought we had states. I do believe there is a true Canadian identity but it is a lot similar to the Americans. We don't do anything crazy or absurd that the Americans don’t do, but we do have better health care. Yes we can be known for our maple syrup and cold winters but we don’t live in Igloos or see Polar Bears every day.  I think that we tend to care more about America than they care about us because although we trade with each other and we have a close relationship with them they just look at us as another country. Honestly I found it offensive how little knowledge they knew about Canada. Being Canadian means that I can live freely without slavery and wars and I can speak my opinion and I am proud to be Canadian.

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