Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Which Role Was Most Desirable in WW1?

I think the most desirable role during the first World War was working on the home front as a factory worker. Every job has some disadvantages but I think this one has more advantages that overrule the cons. Working in a factory was probably the safest job during World War one. The building you are working in may not be the cleanest but you still get to go home at night to the comfort of your home every day. But in other roles in the war like a sailor in the Royal Navy or a pilot in the Royal Flying Corps you would be shipped off and wouldn't get to go home at night until the war was over or you unfortunately died. Even though you weren't involved in the fighting of the war you could still feel like you were helping your country because you could be making or repairing equipment for them or preparing things to send over to the soldiers. The other good thing is that you would get paid (maybe not a lot) but you were still making income which the soldiers wouldn't be. In some factories both men and woman could work and have specific jobs for their gender and abilities. Woman were not aloud to fight in the war so the only other job they could do to help is be a nurse, but some didn't have the education for that. Working in a factory was also ideal for mothers and wives who had children and homes because while their husband was gone someone needed to still take care if the children, home, farms etc. Being a factory worker, you wouldn't get the same respect or recognition as someone who fought in the war but people would still be thankful for your services because of your contribution as a factory worker. If I was alive during world war one this is the job I would want to take since I’m a woman and I probably wouldn’t have the education to become a nurse because of the safety, pay and location.

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