Saturday, 9 January 2016

History Journal Unit 3

The invention of the television was very significant to Canadians. Before television you had to leave your house to go to a movie theatre if you wanted to watch a movie. This affected everyone in Canada, because everybody was interested in this new technology, just like when the radio came out. It was something families watched together every evening, which became part of their daily routine. This new technology was definitely long lasting in effect for everyone. It is now used globally, and very frequently in all ages and genders. There are now many more channels, so it appeals to everyone's interests. I can still see this technology being used 100 years from now. An emerging issue that comes with the television, just like it did with the radio, is that a lot of the content is American based, and portrays American culture. It takes away Canadian identity, as there are few avenues where Canadian culture is portrayed.  This is why CBC was created, so Canadian content could be broadcasted out to influence Canadian identity.

D Day was very impactful and important in shaping the Canadian identity. It had a broad impact because it affected all the Canadian troops who went with British forces to invade France. We were losing the war, and as a last resort we sent all of our troops to capture one beach, and was luckily successful. Many people sacrificed themselves and lost their lives for the freedom of future Canadians. This is significant to everyone since the Canadian army sacrificed themselves to make everyone safer and better off. Yes, it had a long lasting importance because it bettered all Canadians after the second World War, since we won. We are not under a totalitarian government, and live where we have freedom of speech and religion. A long lasting issue that has come from D Day is that soldiers have had to deal with post traumatic stress disorder, as they personally have to deal with everything they have seen and experienced.

Propaganda had, and still does have, a broad impact on Canadians. Propaganda sends out news that is available for everyone to hear. It is usually very biased and based off of opinions. This can also means it isn't  completely true. It is formed from the strong beliefs of one person or group. It was significant to Canada as a whole and not just a small individual group of people at the time of the Second World War.  Hitler and the Nazi’s brainwashed the German and Austrian people through the distribution of Nazi propaganda, into believing that the German race was superior to others, and that Jewish people were evil, and needed to be put to death.  The effects of this led to Canada joining the war, and fighting for world freedom over the Nazi’s.  Propaganda has had a long lasting importance in Canada. Today, most social medias are full of propaganda. People will send and post their opinions, trying to force them on others or prove that they are right, and anyone who thinks differently is wrong. This becomes a problem when people start crossing the line and saying offensive things or making things up, and distributing it widely. It starts to get more difficult to know whether or not to believe things you hear nowadays.

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